Breathing Life Into Your Online Content
The CPR Guide


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CPR - Creation, Promotion, Recycle

I don’t know about you, but if I am going to invest time and energy into presenting a 30-60 minute webinar or webcast then I want it to live as long as it can. I also want to cater to as many as possible, especially those who weren’t able to attend in a live capacity.

In this guide we discuss the many ways you can take full advantage of the online platforms available to you and extend the life of your content!

  • C is for Creation: Creating your content, your on-demand hosting pages and strategies
  • P is for Promotion: How do you promote your on-demand content and ensure you're making the most out of it?
  • R is for Recycle: It doesn't have to be that hard! Discover tips for curating your content and getting five videos from one webinar!

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