Making Event Sponsorship Work
When: Thursday, 25th May 2017
What Time: 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm AEST 
Where: Online - via webinar
Your Host: Warwick Merry
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Webinar Overview

Sponsorship of events has changed. It has become harder to get deals over the line and things that used to work, no longer do. So how can you put together a sponsorship package that represents value for you, your sponsor and your delegate?

During this 30 mins session we will be covering:

      • Latest trends in Sponsoring
      • Designing Sponsorship for the long term
      • Naming sponsorship packages - does it matter and if so, what do you call them?
      • Getting involvement from delegates - passports seem well travelled, so what else?
      • Getting sponsors involved. Apart from paying money, what else can they do?
      • Where are the sponsors? How do you find out who they are and how to get in touch with them?
      • How do you get them to sign up? What does it take to get them to sign on the line.

Following the session we will be having a "No Go Q&A". What this means is that regardless of time, Warwick will not go until all of your questions are answered, whether we talked about your matter on the webinar or not. So bring your questions to make sure your next sponsorship works.

About Warwick

Warwick Merry is a result focused, action oriented keynote speaker, MC and Trade Show Guru.

With over 15 years’ experience in exhibiting, including spending 12 months based at a permanent trade show in Dallas, Texas, and selling his own product while exhibiting around Europe and Australasia, he has a unique perspective on the world of exhibiting.

Combining his exhibiting experience with the business mentoring he does, Warwick truly knows how to integrate Exhibiting and Sponsorship into part of your normal business rather than treating it as an additional activity.

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