Same or Different: What the Not for Profit sector can learn from the For Profit sector
When: Thursday, 7th September 2017
What Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Sydney Time
Where: Online - join via your computer!
Your Host: Wendy La Macchia
Cost: Free for members and non-members
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Webinar Overview 

While the two sectors have vastly different objectives and play very different roles in society, there is a lot the Not for Profit and For Profit sectors can learn from one another. In this webinar, Wendy La Macchia will look at:
  • A comparison of the For Profit to Not for Profit
  • Corporate to Association sector – the differences of culture and strategy
  • Differences and similarities in meeting business challenges
About Wendy

Wendy La Macchia - Business Manager, Queensland Justices Association 
Wendy La Macchia is currently Business Manager of the Queensland Justices Association which has over 6,000 members in Queensland and is turning 100 next year.

Wendy is a manager by trade but with specialisation in the big picture. Having held positions in management across different industries and in both the For Profit and Not for Profit sector, Wendy has seen many big pictures in her working life. This includes in hospitality, engineering, distribution and associations. Success in drawing the big picture means taking a helicopter view of your organisation.