The Change Intelligent Leader

Tuesday, 30th May 2017
11:00AM - 11:45AM AEST

Huw Thomas, Management Consultant, Blue Seed Consulting

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About the Webcast

Many of us have heard the perplexing statistic that as many as 70% of change projects fail to realise intended business outcomes.

Poor execution of change leaves talented employees frustrated, disengaged and unproductive as they get lost in the seemingly boundless odyssey of business transformation. Economically, these results translate to billions in lost value for businesses, employees and customers.

Organisational changes that do succeed are characterized by high degrees of leadership buy-in, comprehensive stakeholder management and relevant communication. Specialist change managers and consultants influence these levers with planning, expert advice and action.

However, business leaders from the executive team down to middle-management are ultimately the ones that make change ‘stick’ among their own team members. Only leaders can ensure top talent remain committed to the vision and strategy and productively working towards it.

In this live webcast Huw will address these challenges and discuss:

  • How technology/digitisation, changing customer demands and the ‘age of the entrepreneur’ are intensifying competition for customers and/or funding
  • From the ‘Size 11’ approach (leader: do it or I’ll kick you!), to change management as a formal change discipline, to change leadership.
  • The need for ‘agility’ throughout orgs in every aspect (people/culture, process, tech)
  • How organisations must focus as much on building long-term ‘change capability’ as much as delivering change
  • Do you have the trust of your people to lead through the change? Are you values-led and authentic? Do you have the engagement of your people? Enough so the change is managed well with minimal hand-holding?

About the Presenter(s)


Huw Thomas, Management Consultant, Blue Seed Consulting

Huw is a Principal Consultant at Blue Seed Consulting. He partners with C-level executives and General Managers to lead large organisational changes and transformations.

Specialising in technology and operating model implementation, Huw advises executives on strategy and techniques to boost strategic commitment and people engagement through this era of continual change.

Huw has held leadership roles in consulting and financial services where his experience and skillset intersected strategy, change, innovation and leadership.

As a tech-savvy change and organisation development executive Huw’s passion lies in coaching and advising leaders to improve outcomes for themselves, their employees, customers, shareholders and the community.

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